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Working hard to deliver the best quality

We as a company are working hard and passionate in helping you achieve a life of healthy being.  We strive hard and continuously to serve you with products which are of A grade quality and which should cater to the needs that your body requires.  We are a team of hundreds working in a direction to provide you with medicinal items that would benefit you till the end.

naturalife is good for your health

How NarturaLife Helps You Feel Better After Ten Days of Usage?

This product comes out with various advantages that would not only strengthen your system but will also boost up your energy cells.  It strengthen your immune system, e eradicated deep toxics from your body,  increases vigour,  vitality in your body,  regulates blood pressure and lastly purifies your blood leading to a glowy skin. 

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Beauty products by natural ingredients:

‘Moringa Drumstick’ 

With the power to nourish the impoverished communities round the world,  this tablet has the capacity to provide you with dietary supplements like protein,  minerals and vitamins.  With its main ingredient Drumstick,  this gets more effective and worth purchasing. 
  • Drumsticks- Drumsticks are an excellent source of Vitamin C which helps in developing immunity to combat infectious agents and scavenge harmful oxygen free radicals from the body so that you live a life which is full of impurities.
  • Curcumin- Herbal extracts is a bioactive material that keeps up the capacity to fight inflammation cellular stuff.
  • Fenugreek- this is a spice seed with keeps up the therapeutic potential to fight and tackle with low blood pressure.
  • Amla- A super herbal item that is super antioxidant agent and helps in DNA breakage.


PKM 1- 1500/-
PKM 2- 1500/-
Odyssey- 1500/-

Leaf Powder

Leaf Powder -300/-
Pesticide Free -350/-
High Graded -500/-

NOTE- All rate is excluding GST & transport.